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Health centered leadership can be found in an organization in many forms. It’s seen in the way team leaders begin morning meetings with care and concern for their team members. It’s found in human resource policies that value each individual, no matter their compensation or career trajectory. It’s modeled by company leaders who demonstrate humility and compassion. And it’s demonstrated by the decision-making process in how organizations donate resources to worthy causes that support societal health and well-being. Among many, many other examples.

Leadership in our society sometimes looks a lot like bullying. Loud voices, barking orders, a top-down management structure: it makes for good movies but terrible human-centered performance. When we feel bullied, we become small. We protect ourselves. We do everything we can to not get in trouble. Creativity, risk-taking, and proactivity disappear. We’re left with a shadow of what we could be, if only we were brave enough to take on the bully.

Health centered leadership means giving up some (not all) of your power in order to create the conditions most likely to lead to success.

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Health centered leadership is counterintuitive. When you as a leader ask yourself “What decision would I make if I were to put health at the center of this decision?” you change the lens through which you see the entire situation. And your decisions inevitably honor the humanity of all involved. You ask for feedback from direct reports during their annual reviews. You remember that an employee has a sick family member when thinking of asking for a deadline project to be expedited. The counterintuitive piece of the puzzle is this: the work that ultimately gets done, gets done better. Health centered leadership means making more money, being more successful, by leading counterintuitively with humanity.


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Leadership consulting with a marketing director for a large IT firm directing a content development team using Health Centered Leadership principles
Duration: Varies. One example engagement would be a project of three to six months’ duration with weekly meetings and solution development to address specific needs inside the team. All work is created personally to fit the needs of each client.

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Top performers in all industries know the benefit of engaging a coach to help improve the habits that lead to daily success. Invest in the time to learn how you can be at your best for your teams, your organization, and the people who depend on you in your life and your career. My one-to-one health coaching for executives, managers, and other organization leaders allows you to prioritize health in the context of your unique work and life circumstances in order to increase performance, and to attain your desired success.

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Executive health coaching for busy leaders who want to strengthen their own practice of Health Centered Leadership principles

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A series of twelve weekly virtual coaching sessions with a specific focus and goal for executive clients.

Virtual or in-person keynote programs help you bring the Health Centered Leadership process to your organization. Get your team together for a fun, lively, success-centered conversation about how you can support one another and achieve more, simply by prioritizing the health of all stakeholders. Extend the value of the day with an optional add-on mastermind session for company leaders and post-program follow-on sessions to reinforce the learnings and help you instill a Health Centered Leadership culture inside your organization. 

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Experience the Health Centered Leadership approach live with a keynote, executive training, or corporate retreat.

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A keynote session at a company all-hands conference, followed by a breakout session for executive leaders and managers.

10 Powerful Habits for Health-Centered Leaders

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"An exceptional trainer. I have had the privilege of taking Nicole's programs personally, and I am healthier and wealthier through implementing her training."

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"I really appreciate [Nicole]'s perspective and methods for dealing with this lifelong struggle for many of us who are yearning to be well. My means of repayment will be my success based on your encouragement!”

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"Our audience valued Nicole's expertise in health, wellness and fitness, as well as her engaging and entertaining demeanor. Practical, easy to absorb information and suggestions, as well as provocative questions, deliver solid takeaways for attendees."

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